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Its easy to take the Profile or setup one or more Profile teams. Select the option below that best suits your needs. You can upgrade your package or add more teams or profiles at any time. If you already have an account you can log in now.


Do you want to take the profile on your own to see what is your creative problem solving style?

Setup an account and you can take the profile and view your results immediately. Includes support for multiple languages.

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Do you have a team of people or a class you are teaching that you want to take the profile?

Setup an administrator account for your team or class and manage the team with access to real-time team scatter diagram results. You can purchase additional slots later should you want to set-up more teams at another time.

You can purchase additional slots later should you want to set-up more teams at another time.

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Unlimited Usage & Teams

Are you an enterprise leader and want to set-up a master account for your company, school or organization where you expect to have many different teams that want to use the profile?

Create and track user profile data for your entire organization. See real-time results of your workforce through company-wide or team specific scatter diagrams.

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Unlimited Usage, Teams & Clients

Are you a consultant or professional agency who might have several clients all who may have different teams?

Create and manage an unlimited number of teams with access to real-time scatter diagram results for your clients.

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Have you been asked or invited to take the profile/maybe you have forgotten the link you were given?

Login now and start your team profile. You will be prompted to enter your team key.

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