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Your resource for all things related to the Basadur Profile and Simplexity Thinking

If you want to learn more about your profile and what it means, you now have a place to go!

Simplexity University is an online repository of the latest practical training and thought leadership on the creative problem solving process. It is designed to:

  • Supplement and update your current knowledge beyond the Simplexity workshops
  • Allow you to use the resources to pre-prep before you attend a Simplexity workshop
  • Refresh your knowledge before you facilitate – or to get your extended team up to speed using a common creative problem-solving vocabulary

Thanks to Simplexity U, proximity is no longer an issue for members who want to experience and learn the Simplexity Thinking system. As a member, you will gain access to a variety of learning streams, including Innovation Basics, Advanced Topics in innovation as well as all of our research and academic articles.

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Key Benefits of Simplexity U:

Provides a place of reference for people who have already attended a certification workshop.

Offers readily available resources to maintain and enhance past participants’ learning as well.

Ensures that members can provide quick access to get their team up-to- speed should they become participants in a future Simplexity session.

We encourage you to sign-up today for a free 30-day trial and explore the wealth of knowledge we built and collected from nearly a lifetime in creativity and innovation.

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